Stealth Asymmetry


Flora vamps Vogue 8737

Vogue 8737, a wearable muslin made in one of the $1.99 knits from Fabric Mart.  I am most pleased!  I was really taken by this pattern, and was quite curious how it would stitch up.  Amazingly, there were minimal pattern changes, and a wearable muslin to boot.  Bunga Bunga!

You can see from the pattern layout at left that this style has one piece, and a facing.  Do facings actually count as pattern pieces?  Sometimes.  Maybe.

Anyway, you lay it out single layer, and don’t flip it over  to produce a front/back or left/right combo.  So, it’s two asymmetrical pieces that are then stitched together.  I remember doing this when I first started sewing, back in the Pleistocene, and ending up with two left sides.  With this pattern, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to have.

I was also intrigued because this meant I wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of forward shoulder adjustment as the sleeve seams don’t line up on the top of your shoulder.  Would this really work?  Indeedy it does!

I wasn’t too sure about using a facing, but decided to follow the pattern the first time ’round.  The facing is OK.  I may substitute a binding on the next one.  Yes Virginia, there will definitely be a next one!

The pattern envelope, in my mind, looks like dreck.  I mean, who wants to wear a washer-woman skirt? And who can, unless you’re 90 pounds and built like a twig?  Somewhere along the way, I must have seen the line drawing, otherwise I would have skipped right past this pattern.  I will never make the skirt.

4 seams on the serger, cover stitch for the hems and you’re done in 2 hours, less if you don’t have to stop and try things on for fit.  Though you can’t see it with this print, there is shirring at the waist, which would also provide visual interest if this top were made in a solid or more petite print.


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  1. This fabric is out of the ordinary for you, but I am sure will look great on you. I found a store here called Vintage Religion and they have a ton of Day of the Dead merchandise. I was looking for Lady of Gudalupe things, but most nice things were gone. check their website for more info.
    Did you remember Gavin’s birthday 20th , I will be sending him a very big book on China and $. IT JUSt came too fast.

  2. The neckline is slightly higher than an 18″ necklace length. The model in the photo is pretty much correct. Not too low, not too high. A Goldilocks neckline!

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