Resting Moon


Moonbeam Urn

A couple of weekends back, Prince Charming and I went to our local Art Faire.  This year the quality of the artisans was much higher than in the past, or so it seemed to me.  We found this urn, and both of us agreed it was just right for Claire, our moonbeam kitty.

Doesn’t it look like a new moon shedding skant light, maybe on ocean waves?  It is so Claire – mysterious but not at all threatening.  You can almost hear the waves lapping, or the clouds passing in front of the light.

As is our tradition, we keep the ashes of our tribe, and when they pass on, find something special in which to house them.  I think she’s happy now that her ashes have a final home.  Sleep well, Miss Moonbeam.


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  1. It is PERFECT! Claire would give it a definite paws up. I’m still in denial that she is no longer on Planet Earth having finally beamed up to the Mothership. You are missed Claire.

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