Let the Adventure Begin


Happy New Year!
Let the Adventures Begin

You may well be wondering why there is an image of a house on this site.  Well, are you wondering?  It’s because Prince Charming and I signed on a loan to finally build a house on our retirement “dirt”.  That’s right, if all goes well, this time next year we will celebrate the holidays in our new home.  We will leave Cactusville, cats and possessions in tow, and be settled into our Last Homey House, to paraphrase Tolkein.

We’ll be moving to a small town outside of Reno Nevada, with views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, as well as the Pine Nuts.  A place we’ve wanted to be for ages.  We’ll have 4 seasons, which will be a first for Prince Charming. as he is Cactusville born and raised.

I alternate between shock, awe and absolute terror.  Cactusville, and our house here, is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life.  It’s been a good home.  Nurturing and Kind.  Full of Love and Laughter.

But the house is a tri-level, and as is frequently pointed out to me: It is built for young people.  With a fantastic elementary school literally next door, perhaps it’s time some young people actually live in it.

As things progress, posts on Thunderpaws Threads may be a tad disjointed.  Rest assured there will be still be sewing, and cats and updates and, did I mention sewing?


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  1. Congratulations on the new adventure! Just remember – when it comes to electrical outlets, if you think you have enough – add more.

    • Actually, I was reading in another post, and they had the outlets in their sewing studio installed at counter height. What a novel idea!

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