Plain & Simply – the Good Stuff


Flora flaunts The Good Stuff

Last year (was it really last year, as in 2011?) I made a resolution to “cut into the good stuff”.  Cant’ say that happened often, but I think this top counts, as I did cut it out in 2011.  The last week of, but hey, it still counts, right?  This is Hot Patterns Plain & Simple T in the bauteau neck style.  I believe Trudy & Jeremy have recently re-issued this pattern, making a few tweaks to the fit and length.  I have the first edition.  A First Edition Pattern.  Amazing!

Since I’ve made this pattern before, there’s not much to say about the fit.  It does.  With such unusual fabric, a simple silhouette was called for.  3/4 sleeves, so I can add jewelry if desired.

The fabric is a really cool quasi-deconstructed knit from Mood.  You know the place – where the childish and arrogant of Project Runway shop.  Anyway, the fabric is two separate knits that are tacked together, then by some process (chemical, I think) the outer layer has been removed.  It is very easy to sew, and feels quite soft on the skin.  Cotton / rayon perhaps?

I did toss it in the wash before cutting out, to allow for shrinkage.  This created some number of tails that needed to be snipped off, lest I look like leftover streamers from a New Year’s Eve party.  Simple enough to do, and it also meant I could customize the fabric a little bit more.  I have no idea if the fabric will continue to degrade with successive washings, but that’s part of the fun!


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  1. WOW THAT IS A REALY WILD PRINT. It will go with anything, I bet the kids will think you brought in another stray animal!! It’s good that you are working with some of the “better” stuff.

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