C’est Moi!

Or rather how I’m feeling these days – wanting to sew but skeletal at the same time.  This is a quilt from Janet Winston, I believe.  Someone, please correct me if I’m wrong.  I just love the bright, sprightliness of it.  Doesn’t hurt that there is Day of the Dead incorporated either.

I think there was a total of 2 hours of sewing at Casa Thunderpaws over the weekend.  Not nearly enough, but there you have it.  Instead, there was a copious amount of baseboard molding refinishing and cabinet door scrubbing (thank you Murphy’s Oil Soap).  Not bloggable endeavors at the best of times.

That said, I think I have found my birthday present, and will be sending Prince Charming on his way to Stitch Nerd shortly.  Aren’t these just lovely?  You can customize both the cotton and wool sides.

Pressing hams for the avant garde sewist!


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