D’Anjou Mermaid


She’s very fresh, in a springtime sort of way.  She frequents streams and small rivulets, preferring those with orchards around them.  She likes the dappled shade and occasional piece of fruit, pears in particular.

When feeling frisky, she’s not above throwing an overripe windfall at the congregating birds.  The crows in particular keep a wary eye out.  She has a mean fastball.

D’Anjou Mermaid: size 6 seed beads in a crisp pippin apple green as the base, accented with alternating bands of  yellow / white cremesicle drops and green/yellow petal beads.  Everything sealed with a slide lock clasp.  Snap!

Did I mention this mermaid is slender and petite?  She must be, as her bracelet is less than 7 inches tip to tip.


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