Adventurous Blue-Eyed Devil


Prince Charming and Puck frequently go into the garage to commune about male things.  It’s a bonding ritual, I am sure.  For Puck, this usually involves climbing all over the motorcycle.  I think he envisions himself with the wind in his fur and his tail floating behind as they roar up twisty canyon roads.  He’d look quite handsome in a leather jacket, don’t you think?

Last night they were in the garage, and I think poor Prince Charming had a momentary lapse of reason (very rare for him) because he opened the door to outside.  The Great Out-of-Doors.  And Outside Puck Scampered.  Our cats do not go outside.  It is Verboten.  Off Limits.  Does. Not. Happen.

Around the house dashes Puck hollering at the top of his kitty voice.  Prince Charming is in hot pursuit.  The backyard light clicks on (gotta love those motion sensors) so Puck can be found, until he turns around, retraces his route at full speed, and goes back into the garage.

The door closes, and Prince Charming, Puck held firmly in his arms comes back inside, white as the proverbial sheet.  “Did you hear him?!  He got out!”  Puck, apparently, did not like The Great Outdoors.

I was off doing something-or-other, and completely unaware this near disaster has happened.  From now on, Sir Puck can do his male bonding indoors.

You would think, as frightened as he was, Puck would stay far, far away from outside, but Noooo, first thing this morning, he’s pawing to go back into the garage and have another adventure.


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