Man Cave



Technically, since this is above ground, I probably shouldn’t call it a Man Cave.  This is Prince Charming’s Workshop.  All his luthier paraphernalia and woodworking tools will be set up here.  And the myriad clamps, presses, vices, rasps, bits and bobs will have a perfect home.

What is a luthier you may ask?  That’s someone who makes stringed instruments.

Prince Charming currently has a guitar in the works.  All that’s left to do are the gazillion coats of lacquer to make it shiny.

I think there are dreams of having a planer in here, as well as some aparatus for steaming/bending wood.


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  1. Wait a minute….its not attached to the house!!! Where’s the fireplace and bathroom???

    Its a garage!! Have you told him when you are at home his cave will have a car parked in it???

    Other than that its cool to have outbuildings on your ranch….!!!

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