I have been speared.  Through and through.  Left to right.  Side to Side.  A most unpleasant, painful and shocking experience.

Thankfully Prince Charming was there with peroxide and his trusty pliers to remove the offending tree.  I swear it was large as a sequoia!  Tall as a house!  Strong as ironwood!  A chip of an olde beam from the USS Constitution.

I was sanding an exterior door frame; prep work for painting.  Nearly done too, which of course is why my attention wavered.  Not moments before, wearing gloves crossed my mind…but I was almost finished.  Yeah.  Right.

Enter the splinter. Completely through my finger.  Ouch!  I say again – Ouch!  and a few other choice words.  Thankfully there was enough wood sticking out, and yes, he really did use pliers to remove it.  It was that big!  Betadine.  Bandage.  Repeat.


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