Raven Collar


Matte.  Sparkly.  Gothic even.  Something you catch out of the corner of your eye when the moon isn’t up.  A glint.

Another necklace in the collar series.  This one with dark iridescent drops as an accent.  The collar base is matte mystic blue hex beads, moving to a lovely purple, then a transparent grey, accented with silver-lined purple size 15º seeds.

I think the moon burst clasp is a nice finishing touch.  Not too shiny or too sparkly.  The AB finish in the drops plays nicely against the blue of the matte beads too.

To borrow a phrase from The Selfish Seamstress, this one is Mine!  Mine!  All Mine!


2 responses »

  1. Nice!!!!

    I would like to see you wearing your creation. I’ve taken a petition
    among your friends and its 100% unambiguously unanimous in
    spirit that you should wear your creations for us, your friends!

    You are a really good beader!!!

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