On the Road


We’ve cleared out a number of closets.  The sewing room is looking positively sparse.  You can even see the back of the kitchen cupboards.  All of which means it’s time to haul the first load Northwards.

On the road!  Nothing quite like driving a 16′ U-Haul through the desert outside Lost Wages – long roads of nothingness.

I did warn Prince Charming (who did all of the driving) that if we came across a beat-up black Charger driven by a Kurt Russell character we were getting far, far away very, very quicklyTruly the type of terrain where Death Proof was filmed.

And in true movie fashion, the truck’s transmission decided to act up a bit near the end of our journey.  Sigh.

Possessions are now safely ensconced in a storage facility, waiting for their rediscovery.  Thankfully there were not too many comments along the lines of “Why did we pack this?”  Seeing everything stacked along one wall made me realize that a fabric diet is absolutely in order!


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