There’s progress on the house.  The roof is now on – both the house proper and Prince Charming’s Man Cave.  This is looking at the north side.  The single doorway you see is an exit from my office.  I’l be able to open the door and get a nice breeze wafting through.  I am sure this will help technological thought.

We had originally planned to build a Catio outside that door, then realized this would mean the cats would have to be on tick & flea medication…and I’m not sure I want to subject them to such harsh chemicals.  They’re used to being indoors.  Maybe there’s no reason to change.

Our plan is to leave the bulk of the yard scrubby, like what you see in the foreground.  I have the proverbial black thumb, so all things of a botanical nature will be left to Grand Meow, Prince Charming and Earin Marybird.  I’ve been told there is a rhubarb plant with our name on it.  Rhubarb!  Yum!


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