Tour Thanks


The recent Art Tour in Nevada was interesting.   This was the first time I showed any of my beadwork for public consumption.

The Good: I sold several pieces, all of which went to good homes.  It was a wonderful experience, chatting with the ladies I shared space with – a gourd artist and an author.  Visitors oooh’d and aaaah’d, and very much appreciated the work involved.

The Bad:  I hadn’t expected people to inquire about my suppliers – as in, “Gee, that would be great with my YYY, where did you get it?”  Thankfully, I was able to honestly say I found it at the Tucson Gem show.  But, I was rather taken aback by the boldness.  It’s certainly not a question I would ask another artist – it would be like asking Michelangelo the recipe for a particular shade of crimson!  I digress.

The Tour was over two days, a Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was very quiet, but a rousing success for other reasons.  We had a cat.  A stray cat.  Who decided the three of use were his new home.  A very talkative stray cat.  I named him Stanley, from “A Streetcar Named Desire”.  Yes, he was that loud!  Incredibly friendly, too.

Success was that one of the visitors took a shine to Stanley.  To the point of taking him home.  We cleared out a box, she got a blanket, and in we popped Stanley!  Apply duct tape; load in car.  I must extend heartfelt thanks to her – because otherwise he’d have been mine!  Did I mention Stanley was Orange?  A wonderful deep dark orange.  We haven’t had an orange cat since Otto…

Sunday had a steady stream of visitors, and everyone had sales.  It was very nice, and exhausting too!  I had forgotten what being in the public eye all day was like.  Overall a fine experience, one which bears repeating.

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