Maximus: 15 pounds, 3 years

A couple weeks back, the Hellboys went in for their annual check-up.  Everyone at the vet ooh’d and aaah’d over what a fine strapping fellow Max has become.  These are the folks who literally bottle fed him as a kitten, so they have every right to be proud.

Max was a real trooper for the whole event, refusing to come out of his carrier at first, then deciding the better part of valor was to hide under a chair.  We had to unscrew the crate’s halves, removing him en masse.  Vet offices do have a certain aroma about them, I guess.

His check-up went fine, with Max weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds 3 ounces.  That’s huge!  Still no one suggested he was overweight, or in need of a diet, which was good.  Max models his soft sweet potato shape – be careful, there’s claws under that padding!


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