Puck: 9 pounds 8 ounces, 3 years

Puck is Max’s biological brother.  They don’t look a thing alike, do they?  He went into the vet as well, and I think, received even more attention. His fur is so soft and silky, you can’t stop petting him.

Puck was much more of a trooper than his brother.  He was quite happy to be out of the carrier and wandering around the exam room. A little sniff here.  A little sniff there.  I’m sure he thought that was one strange place.

Another clean bill of health!  We were a bit concerned, as he’s lost 1/2 a pound since last year, but that’s been chalked up to more exercise and the early onset of summer.  Even cats don’t want to eat when it’s over 100!

Puck the irresistible.  Can you look into those baby blues and deny him anything?  I can’t.


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