Sew-in 2012 has come to a close.  It was truly a wonderful experience.  The scissor fobs were passed out during lunch on Saturday.  I could tell by the gleam in a couple of people’s eyes that they had checked this blog before-hand.

It was suggested I put up a couple more pictures, hence, this write-up.

I must say, sewing folks are some of the most inventive people around.  While I’ve always thought of these as scissor fobs, others found a multitude of uses for them that didn’t involve scissors at all!

I saw them attached to camera cases, used as zipper pulls on totes, and also stitched to purse flaps to give a little added weight – so the flaps would stay down.  What great ideas!

It was even suggested they might make good earings, though personally I think they’d be a bit heavy for that!

Serendipity also had a hand in their distribution, as the dog people got the dog fobs, the cat people the cats, and several folks of a sea-going nature the fish.  I imagine there may also have been some swapping between attendees, which is fine, encouraged even!

Overall the Sew-In was fantastic.  There will be more pictures posted – as soon as I unload them from my camera.


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