The !Golden Arches


There are several arches near the ceiling in the house.  This one separates the fireplace room (aka family room) from the kitchen / dining room.  It’s a nice delimiter for the two spaces.

When I was looking at the drawings of the house, they were all flat plans.  For some reason, I never realized there were arches.  I am sure they were marked, but I don’t speak architect very well.

Anyway, I am very happy there are.  They give the interior space a classy, elegant feel, I think.

This is a little further to the left on the kitchen/fireplace separating arch.  That flat spot in the middle will have a column.  Something plain and simple, no fancy fluting or climbing vines.  After all, this isn’t the Parthenon we’re building…

Now, who understood the exclamation point in the title?  Any former C programmers reading this?


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