Auditions have closed


During the 4th of July week, Prince Charming and I auditioned colors for the new house.  This was much more difficult for me, since I am the “colorist” in our partnership.  Prince Charming, being the wonderful fellow that he is just said “Do what makes you happy!”  Talk about having Carte Blanche!

Thankfully we had gone through a couple of sample palettes while still in Cactusville, and knew what we did not want.

Color decisions engendered a trip to the local paint depot, where I spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the sample swatches.  This one?  No, too blue.  That one, no, too pink.  In the end, we picked up 11, yes eleven little test bottles.  Thank goodness they offer samples now, and you no longer have to buy paint by the quart or gallon!

The next stop was the craft emporium for poster board.  I’ve done color samples before, and well, didn’t much like the idea of painting on the actual walls, never mind that said walls don’t yet have plaster on them.  So, poster board, paint brushes, push pins.  We were set!

I should have read that package of poster board a little more carefully.  It came with 10 sheets.  We had 11 colors to test.  Ahem.  Yes.  Onward!

Why so many colors?  After 20 years of living in a house with Swiss Coffee (thank you Dunn Edwards – great paint!) on nearly every wall, I wanted color!  Bright, lively, expressive color!

The large sheets of poster board made it so I could get a good feel for how the color would look during different times of day.  Not something which can be done with those itsy bitsy 1×3 paper swatches, in my humble opinion.  You can see some of the comparisons in the photo at left.

What I don’t have a photo of is me, tramping about, push pins in my mouth as I relocated paper from room to room to room.  This color here?  Too boring.  How about there?  Washes out in the afternoon sunlight.  I even called in family to help, as I managed to work myself into an indecisive tizzy.

Out of the eleven test cases, there were two that didn’t make the cut.  There was also one addition, which actually is based on the little color swatch.  Since it’s in the same family as one of the samples I really liked, I feel pretty confident it will work.

and the winners are:


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