Pavers and Stone and Mortar, Oh My!


I had no idea how many little decisions went into building a house.  I thought I was prepared, but was I ever wrong.  Heck, I thought just living in a house made it so the decision-making process was down pat.  Easy peasy.  Yeah, right!

In addition to paint, we also had to select exterior stone.  Stone.  Rock.  As in dug out of the ground.  Except these aren’t dug out of the ground, but manufactured…which lead to a whole discussion on whether there are any practicing stone masons in existence.  Folks who actually  build walls and things out of rocks dug up from one’s property.

So, pavers to the left of me, stone to the right (stuck in the middle with you – hum a few bars).  Pavers will go on the patio and the entry way.  Stone will go on the pillars, as well as the pop-outs, garage front and inside on the fireplace.  Did you know even manufactured stone comes with different grout widths?  Yet another decision!


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  1. We called our home build “premarital counseling!” I figured if we could get through all those decisions, we could get through anything! 🙂 I’m glad to hear the process is moving along. Not too much longer to wait now, eh? *hugs*

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