Discover Something Novel


While at the Sew-In, I also made this pattern from Cutting Line Designs, the pattern company Louise Cutting has.  It’s the vest from “Discover Something Novel”.  I think I will get a lot of use out of it – it’s my kind of garment.

The pattern is made to use quilting cottons or other stiffer, easy to find fabrics.  I make the leap into “the good stuff” and used some Japanese furoshiki.  Furoshiki are Japanese cloths used for wrapping gifts.  I thought these were too pretty to tie around a box of chocolates.  Everything except the  purple band at the bottom was not as recommended by the pattern.  How typical of the way I sew….

I hand-washed the furoshiki first, afraid their colors would run, having no idea if gift wrapping cloths were made to be laundered.  They shrunk, and have a nice crepe-like texture.  To make sure they didn’t stretch, I ironed lightweight fusible  interfacing onto the back.  Next up was fitting the pattern, which remarkably only required a couple of tweaks – take the shoulders in a bit, and add a nudge to the front.  All set to sew.

The pattern also doesn’t call for a lining, but I wanted mine lined.  Of course, there was no lining fabric at Casa Thunderpaws.  That has been packed too!  Thankfully, the Sew-In has the Sewing Sisters Boutique, a place where once loved, but no longer wanted fabrics can find a new caring home.  That’s where the striped lining came from.  I don’t think I could have found a better lining had I tried!

The sewing was straight forward.  Shoulder seams, front band, sides.  It’s a vest, after all.  The bottom bands are attached last, and enclose both the lining and fashion fabric.  There was just enough furoshiki for the main pieces.  Nothing but scraps were left!  I had to wait until I got home to sew on the label, as I forgot to bring those too!  All in all, another Sew-In success!

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  1. My Ikebana people would flip for this vest/or pay big “yen”. It is just gorus and to think it was done with a furuski piece of material…well done dear daughter.

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