Islander Bag


To whet our appetites for Sew-In 2012, there was a Pre-Sew-In workshop this year, and of course, I signed up.  Similar to the 2011 workshop, we would have a guest instructor, and the opportunity to learn new techniques and methods.  This year our guest instructor was Penny Sturgis of Quilts Illustrated.

The whole time leading up to the Sew-In there were all sorts of hints about what the workshop would be…but no actual data. We’d be the first group to try out a brand new pattern.  Penny would be assisting each and every one of us.  But…until just mere weeks before the Sew-In, no one had any idea what our mystery project would be.  The anticipation made for very itchy fabric fingers.

The big reveal was the Islander Bag…and we had homework to do!  That’s right we had to select fabric , cut out pieces and quilt them.  I actually had to purchase fabric!  There was nary a thread in Casa Thunderpaws suitable.  What a catastrophe, having to buy more fabric.

As you can see, I went for something bright.

Penny took us through the assembly, one step at a time.  No one was left behind, though everyone had to pay attention.  In the end, there was a veritable Bevy of Bags.  Every one was different, unique and stylish.

I don’t usually like quilted bags – they are either too shapeless, too large or just not my thing.  This one I do believe I will use.  It has enough structure to hold it’s shape when full of the requisite “stuff” we all have to carry.  There are all sorts of additional pockets, both outside on the front (under the flap) and back.  There are pockets on the inside as well.

For a pocket junkie like myself, this is pure heaven.

I also made the most of the fabric I chose, switching the pieces around.  That’s one of the great features this bag’s design – you can really play with pattern and color if so inclined.  Or you can go all sedate and business-like.  I don’t think we had any like that at the Sew-In.

All in all, it was a great experience.  A wonderful prelude to three more days of sewing nirvana.


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