Writing on the Wall


There were a lot of things to check on during this last house-building trip.

Some of them were pretty obvious, like paint and stonework.  Things you see and know are coming.  Others, not so much.

This is one example of the “not so much” variety.  Moving a light switch.  Seems simple enough – the switch was at the standard height.  But, it’s in the laundry room.  Prince Charming thinks we should get those pedestal thingies (thingy being a technical term) for the washer and dryer.  Once raised, this put the switches behind the appliances.  Not good.

A quick flip of the trusty tape measure (I always carry one in my purse) while at the home emporium revealed that pedestaled (is that a word?) washing appliances stand about 53 inches.  Must raise the switch.  We’re assured this is a simple enough change.

There were also more chooses to choice from.  Having choice is great, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but sometimes…well, they can be a bit overwhelming.

Case in point: the wall finish.  Again, we didn’t want the usual knock-down that we’ve lived with for over 1/2 a century.  That lead to these three texture samples.  We had to pick just one.  There are 2 on the walls at the front, and a third on the left hand wall.

Truth be told, we could have probably picked more than one, but one was all our brains could handle at this point.  One was all we wanted, too.  If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can see my scribbled This One and the arrow pointing to the finish on the left.  It looks kind of rough with just the plaster, but once it’s painted, the edges will round down and it will look Old World Mediterranean.  At least, that’s the plan.


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