Bright green and good enough to eat!

Does anyone remember Lik-M-Aid, those candy crystals you used to eat with your fingers.  They would turn fingers, tongue and pretty much anything else incredibly vibrant colors.  That’s what this necklace reminds me of.

It’s bright!  It’s lively!  It goes with one of the shirts I made at the Sew-In.  Perfecto!

I followed the same formula as the other herringbone necklaces, except the drop is more exaggerated by the addition of dagger beads.  I’ve got the twisty turn of the body down pretty well now, provided the thread doesn’t kink.  Happens sometimes, you know?

Whatever became of Lik-M-Aid?  It’s undergone a name change, and is now called Fun Dip…and comes with a dipping stick.  Do kids today not eat with their fingers?


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  1. I’ve been eating Fun Dip for 30 years, and it has always come with the candy sticks! 🙂 It’s one of my all-time favorite candies.

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