Crystal Caterpillar


Caterpillar bracelets slink along your wrist

These have been the most recent project. It’s a free pattern available to subscribers, downloaded from the Bead & Button web site.

The bracelets start with a pearl base, constructed with right-angle weave, then embelished with seed beads and crystals.  I think they turned out rather well.  The golden one at the top has a lot of subtle shimmer to it.  The bottom one is more dramatic, with the blue seeds contrasting against the coral pearls.

Both are finished with magnetic clasps, so they are easy on / easy off.  They also feel quite lovely to wear.  Enough heft so you know you’re dressed up, but not so much to have trouble raising your arm, or risk clunking against a keyboard.

My beading, of late, has become like my sewing – using the resource list as guidelines, rather than actual requirements.  I didn’t do that on this pair.  The instructions called for Swarovski pearls of a particular size, and I ordered them in that exact size.  Alas, I was not impressed.

Swarovski usually has excellent quality, but the pearls required some maintenance.  They are glass, with a hard color finish.  The color coating had formed slight ridges along the thread opening, which required careful filing down, to make the hole surface smooth.  Not difficult.  Not even that tedious, just not what I expected from Swarovski.  I think I’ll revert back to my resources as guidelines for the next project.

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