Tangerine Tangos


with Titanium

I have been teselating triangles of late.  Equal.  Even.  Equilateral.  Geometric forms created from the handcrafted chaos of beads.

Tangeringe Tango and Titanium, from Pantone’s Fall 2012 color palette.  Bead pattern suggested by Jean Power’s designs.  Comfort zone (mine) in the stratosphere, meaning not at all.

I do not wear orange (makes my skin look jaundiced), and rarely bead with it, so doing something with so much of the color was a stretch.  Flex those creative muscles!

I am very pleased with how this bracelet turned out.  All the various shades of orange (including Pantone’s color of the year: Tangerine Tango) combine strikingly with a nice matte grey.  I even found some orange/yellow drops in the bead stash to use as accent points.

This was a lot of fun to bead.  I liked the repetition of the stitching with the changes of color.  That kept it from becoming boring.  The difficult part was attaching the clasp.  It took a bit of trial and error to get it lined up just right on the diagonal.

I opted for charcoal as the diagonal accents instead of black, because this was not intended as a Halloween piece.  I wonder where else this current passion for triangulation will go?


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