Green House


The colored stucco has been applied.  The color isn’t painted on top the stucco, like our current house in Cactusville, but is mixed into the final coat of stucco.  This means the color is supposed to last a looong time before you need to do anything with it.  I don’t recall the exact length of time, but it translated to low maintenance in my mind, which is A Good Thing.

It’s difficult to tell in the photo, but the color is a sage green, with tan accents.  Maybe if you click on the image and pull it up larger?  It blends into the surrounding landscape nicely.  We didn’t want the house to have a huge presence, shouting McMansion R Us.  Instead we wanted tasteful.  I think that’s been achieved.

The cap and stonework are not yet completed on the chimney.  There are also attic fans to be installed.  Solar powered attic fans, no less.

Pavers have also been installed.  I am so totally liking these!

Another example of either not reading plans correctly, or not understanding what I read, because I had no idea there would be pavers at the front of the garage, or this lovely paved walkway to the front door.  It swishes around in a wonderful, fluid arc.

The same pavers and herringbone pattern is on the back patio and outside each of the exterior doors.  I think this makes entering the house a classy affair.  Must remember that when I come staggering in with armfuls of groceries or after a long, tiring run.  Classy.

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