Our Bags are Packed


It’s time to go…

It is with both great regret and much anticipation that I bid farewell to Cactusville.  When I moved here 20 years ago, it was with the thought that as I grew older, I might finally be able to live in my own home.  I would become the Crazy Cat Lady who baked cookies for the neighborhood kids.

Enter Prince Charming.  Enter this lovely home – more than I imagined possible those many years ago.  It is now time to pass the keys to another family.  Someone who will make new memories, and have much happiness and delight here.

This has been a good house for us.    Solid.  Dependable.  At times full of chaos then laughter then cheer.

The Christmas tree was always raised in the front bay window; the blinds opened so passers-by could enjoy the lights.

19 years ago, it seemed huge, but over time we have filled it both with possessions and spirit, cats have pranced lightly on the counters, dogs have thundered up and down the stairs.  We became the Thunderpaws Tribe.

I will miss the fruit trees.  Fresh grapefruit so sweet there was never any need for sugar.  Just peel and eat!

Enough lemons that I never had to purchase lemon juice.  Just squeeze the backyard bounty and freeze.  I am sure buying lemons in the grocery store when they are out of season will be a shocking experience.

Blood Oranges.  Ahhh.  The very best.  Sweet and juicy, bright red on the inside and mottled orange on the out.  I know these won’t show up any longer – they don’t ship well and are no longer cultivated as a large scale citrus crop.

It’s time for a new chapter.  The next phase.  So, if you’ve a mind, come along on the New Adventure in Moving as we leave Cactusville and head northwards to become Nevadans.


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  1. I am going to miss your house and coming to visit you there (naturally I’ll be hanging around drinking your beer at your new place). We had so many years of fun, great meals, wonderful times at the sew-in with all the lovely sewers, marathon jigsaw puzzle sessions. Fabric shopping, the after Christmas shopping trips! Shop to you drop and how the heck and I going to get all this stuff on the airplane?

    Gelato birthday cake! Sushi until you’re ready to burst! Okay, maybe just ONE more piece… Cats managing to unzip my luggage and snag my knitting no matter where I hid it. There he goes with an expensive skein in his mouth – stop him! Hauling bags of citrus home to CA; walking the greyhounds, listening to them Roo! what an amazing sound; learning just how hot it really gets in Cactusland (Very.Hot.) It was a grand time and you know, there is lots more to come. Have a safe move – Westward Ho!

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