Meet Alto.  I stumbled across Alto while cruising the web.  Isn’t it just gorgeous.  One of those creations whose form and function are truly indicative of it’s purpose.  Alto is quite the change from the current direction of sewing machines doing everything from stitching to embroidery to spell checking…  A return to simplicity.

Alto is a sewing machine created by Sarah Dickins of the UK as an industrial design project.  It was entered into the James Dyson Foundation Design competition, which is held each year.  The foundtation’s goal is to encourage emerging designers to “create, challenge, and invent.” Its brief: Design something that solves a problem.

Ms. Dickins thought that her generation preferred to toss their clothes , rather than mend or repair.  If sewing were easier and more intuitive, perhaps this would not happen.  Enter Alto: a machine which is intuitive and simple to use, and beautiful enough to be a centerpiece in any home.  Her design has proceeded to the international phase of the competition.


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