Slowly but surely, things are coming together.  The cabinets have been installed.  No knobs or pulls yet, but soon!  It’s much easier to get a feel for the size of the kitchen now.   The couple of changes we made – lowering the window over the sink, and extending the pantry wall 5 inches work well.

Fridge to the left.  Stove to the right.  Little drawer for cookie sheets and muffin pans in between them.  The floor will be tiled, and the backer board was just installed yesterday.

It is true – we are now in Nevada, but not yet moved into our house.  There were some scheduling concerns between movers, builders and selling in Cactusville. which meant we had to use both Plan B and Plan C.

Plan B: Humans, aka us, are staying with relatives.  Kind relatives who are most generous letting us stay with them for this extended period.

Plan C: Borrowing friend’s RV (now parked along the side of the aforementioned relatives house) to house our cats.  They were kenneled for a day, but that was absolutely not going to work long therm.  Small space, but safe, and they have enough room to zip around a bit.

Speaking of furrbots, they were absolute troopers on the 14 hour drive northwards.  Everyone hunkered down in their respective kennel and was mostly quiet.  We stopped periodically so they could stretch their legs, but apart for exploring the SUV and drinking a little water, no one wanted to do much of anything.

Lastly, but not at at all least, we have water!  Which also means there is electricity to run the well pump!  Woohoo!

Electricity took much longer than expected to get.  There was a change of plans from the local power company, then a lost check, then having to install a larger transformer.

Theoretically we could get some of the transformer money back if someone else in the neighborhood builds something that requires power.  But, this is rural living, and for that reimbursement to happen they would also have to get formal permits from the county which would trigger power company notification.  Unlikely.


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