To the Brim


Last Sunday the movers delivered all our worldly possessions.  Alas, there is not yet a house to put them in, so everything is being stored in Prince Charming’s Man Cave.  It is filled to the brim!  Quite literally.  Who’d a thunk we had so much stuff?

Still, it’s nice to know that the myriad of bits and pieces that make up one’s home are no longer traveling about these great states in the back of a moving truck.  It was a very large moving truck; we were not the only load.

There is hardly and rhyme or reason as to how things are arrayed in the MC.  Yard tools are stacked next to statues.  So far as I could tell, nothing made any untoward clinking or clattering sounds when offloaded, so we are hopeful nothing broke.

We managed to keep a narrow aisle to get to the back of the Man Cave so things like the toilet and sink can still be installed.

Amusingly, one of the last boxes to come off the truck was labeled “Sewing Room Totes”.  It is near the front, with easy access.  That simple phrase translates to having my beading supplies near to hand.  Not sure what is packed in which box, but just knowing that some crafting can now be done has gone a very long way to soothing my soul.


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