Hot Water




All the comforts of civilization.  Well, almost all the comforts.  After a month of being unexpected house guests, and having the cats housed in an RV parked alongside the house guest house we are finally in our house.  Why am I not calling it a home?  Why, because it’s not finished yet!  Soon though, very soon, from House to Home we shall go.

There are still a number of things to do…

Actually, with Halloween approaching, this is a perfect home for vampires, as there is not one mirror.  Nope, nary a single one.  Bathroom mirrors?  Waiting for the finish carpenters to install.  Nothing major, mind you, but still enough to complete that we are in a bit of a holding pattern.

There is no fault or finger pointing about the delay, things have just taken longer than expected.  Items that were originally available when we started this journey were discontinued.  Replacements had to be found.  Prices went up – some too far.  Various things were on back-order, and a few, like the stove, still are.  We cook by microwave for now.

We are in.  The cats are happy.  Fall is turning the trees a riot of colors.  Life is Good.  And most importantly as transferred Cactusvillians, we figured out the furnace!


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