Tick Tock! Tick Tock!


Time to Set Our Clocks

Difficult to believe that after 20 years, I am now once again living where Standard and Daylight Starving time are in effect.  Today, at the lovely hour of 2am, we gained an hour, which puts us into Standard Pacific Time.

Living in Cactusville, with it’s abundant sunshine, there was never any need to save daylight.  And with the exception of a few outliers, the whole state of Arizona does not follow this bi-annual time augmentation ritual.  This made wandering around the house with my cell phone (did you know cell phones change time automagically?) resetting thermostats, microwave, clocks and computers all the stranger.   ‘Tis done!

What will truly be an adjustment is continuing to work on Arizona time, which means being awake and fully caffeinated by 7!


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