Jewelry_binThe weekend was spent in assembly.  Assembling shelves to be precise.  I finally found some that were sized appropriately, but not too industrial looking.  I was rather surprised at how small so many of the cubed bookcases on the market are.  I needed something that the bead bins would fit in.  Fit without tipping or hanging over the edge or otherwise upending to spill all over the floor.  Spilled beads are not fun.

Anyway, the shelves went together very easily, instructions that made sense and no tools required.   I put the casters on just in case I want to rearrange things, though I think these shelves will mostly stay where they are.  Still, it’s good to have options.

Similar to the fabric stash (coming to a future post near you!) I can now see everything, which makes using it so much easier.  All the choices are in plain view; easy to get to.  After such a long hiatus, the creative mojo is stirring.  I am sure this will be the place for lovely things to happen.Bead_Table


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  1. Silly Question: What is that color wheel item laying above the white square with the tubes of beads? How do you use it when designing?


    • That’s a Pantone Color Swatch Card. Alas, they don’t make them for the consumer market any more. 8-( I use it to check colors, see what will look good with what. Also, there are many web sites (fabric in particular) that will include the Pantone color # in their description, because well, computer monitors have been known to lie.

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