Pretty Sparkly Party


party1It’s that time of year.  Time to dress up and wear your frippery.  Deck the self with spangles!  Go to parties!

Yeah.  Right.  This post is a bit of a lament.  Working from home – there are no swanky get-togethers.  No company parties, though really, do companies have those any more?  Not even pot lucks!

These days holiday gatherings are more likely to involve rolling up one’s sleeves to help clean the dishes  than they are to see if you can still cut a rug in a new pair of heels.  And where did that phrase come from?  Cut a rug, meaning to dance? I remember dancing, dancing with great abandon.

Anyway, while my dancing and partying days are mostly past, I can still appreciate some swanky, sparkly eye candy.  So, feast your eyes!  These are pulled from ModCloth, J. Crew and I think Anthropologie…or maybe it was Coldwater Creek.  Nothing says we can’t party with our imaginations!



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  1. Google says:
    It came from jitterbugging in the 1930s when couples danced in an especially vigorous fashion which, when done on a carpet, gave the impression of “cutting” or “gashing” the rug. That’s about it. It means to dance

    How is it that we have never danced after all these years?

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