2013 Flavors


© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationBesides color forecasting, there is also flavor forecasting.  Little did I know!   That’s right, McCormick, they of the small spice tins on supermarket shelves also do an annual Taste of Things to Come.

So, what are the foremost flavors for 2013?  Glad you asked!

  • Chocolate and Passion Fruit (together, no less)
  • Cider, Sage and Molasses (homemade BBQ sauce, anyone?)
  • Homemade Condiments (Ketchup without all the sugar)
  • Farro,  a mixed wheat grain
  • Dukkah, a Mediterranean spice blend
  • Cross-Cultural Mingling:  Japanese food with Greek ingredients or Latino with Chinese.  Wait a minute!  Chino Bandido in Cactusville has been doing that for years!

These are just a few of upcoming taste sensations.  Sounds like our palates will be as lively as our palettes.  Let’s Eat!


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