Visiting the Dark Side


IMG_1518My travails with triangles recently paid a visit to the Dark Side.  Dark as in moody.  Dark as in shadows strutting with glimmers of bright.  This bracelet is the result of that dance.

It’s a different colorway than I usually pick.  Almost, but not quite monochromatic.  There are glossy and matte 8º delicas while the crystals are a half silver, half clear.  The whole piece is beadwoven, meaning the triangle, then the crystal, then the next triangle was stitched with a continuous piece of thread.

I suppose I could have made the triangles, then strung them with the crystals, but for some reason, I like creating this as a single fabrication.  It also means fewer little bits to attract curious paws, which is always a bonus.

This piece is also the start of decreasing some of my beading stash.  Somewhere along the way I acquired a bunch of 8º delicas, and they are just not the right size for me.  Working with 10ºs is much more to my liking, even though using the smaller beads takes longer.


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