Gracious Greenery


IMG_1520A friend sent me a pictures of a bracelet, with a note asking “Can you do this?”  After a bit of close examination, I realized that the beauty was in the changing bead sizes.  The stitching was the same throughout the length of the bracelet.

Enter Gracious Greenery.  My attempt at creating something from a picture alone.  A successful attempt too, in my humble opinion.  Besides playing on color and size, this bracelet also has a texture that, alas, does not photograph well.  Each of the segments is concave, (or convex, depending on how you wear it) so it stands up off the wrist as a little dome.

It’s an interesting detail that takes the bracelet from being simple (almost boring) to unique.  It was also fun selecting the colors, since there are 4 different bead sizes, and of course, there was no chance I would have the exact same color in each size.  A blessing rather than a curse.


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  1. I’ve just found your blog by accident and I am totally in love with this bracelet. I’ve thought about beading for many years and when I see things like this I really want to give it a go! I really don’t need another creative activity, but you’ve really inspired me. Thanks!

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