Big Iron


IMG_1568There’s some old slang in the computer biz, calling something Big Iron.  Basically that meant mainframes, back in the day when workstations were taking over.  Not so much any more.  I imagine the phrase could be used for other things these days – a 1957 Cadillac or an anvil.

Anyway, this is Big Iron of the sewing notions persuasion.  It’s a grommet setter for #12 drapery grommets.  The kind of big grommet you put the rod through.

IMG_1567I had great fun the other night whacking away on this in the garage.  It was wonderful for getting rid of the work-week frustrations!

Those are the grommets, to the right.  That small plastic thing is a a template for placing the holes.

I had to measure, mark, then re-measure and re-mark to ge the spacing even.  Then finally cut the holes before I could thwack the grommets in.  It was a bit scary, cutting such large holes in the drapery header, but…

IMG_1570It had to be done


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