IMG_1601Not that I have been traveling at all, or expect to any time soon, but it was time for a new toilet kit.  Costmetic bag.  Ditty bag.  Dop Kit.  Take your choice of names.

This colorful creation is made from the leftovers of the 2012 Sew-In Workshop, where we made the Islander Bag.  It has been cut out ever since, but not assembled.  Over the weekend, I needed a quick sew-me-up.  That’s like pick-me-up, but for sewists.  Though as quickly as this project went together, maybe it was more like Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy for sewists.

Anyway, it seemed like a good idea, since my old toilet kit bit the dust the night we moved up here.  Yup.  That exact evening the zipper pull committed suicide by sliding off the teeth and down the drain.  Silly zipper.  Zipper pulls can’t swim.

The new one suits just fine.  Large enough for all the stuff (stuff being a generic term) a person needs to carry when traveling.  Stiff enough to stand upright on a nightstand.  Soft enough to smoosh into the corner of a suitcase.  Besides which, it’s bright and cheery!


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