You can’t always buy what you want


But if you try sometimes

You just might find

You sew what you need!

IMG_1602In this case it was pillowcases.  I finally got tired of wrangling with the nearly dead (read no longer stretchy) elastic in the old sheets, and picked up some toasty red ones on sale at Targét; nice thick cushy t-shirt jersey.  Alas, we have more than one set of pillows, being people of the prop up and read at night persuasion.

I would have thought that some additional pillowcases, preferably with a red print would have been the easiest thing in the world to find.  But Noooooo.  None of the soft goods stores had much of anything.  When did sheets start coming only in sets?  Used to be you could buy a top sheet of this pattern and a bottom of that…now, everything is a pre-configured, pre-packaged set.  Harrumph!  This may speak more to how frequently I get bed linens…

Anyway, a visit to the stash bins yielded these finds.  A couple of seams later: Ta Da!  Coordinating Pillowcases.  I think they look rather snazzy, if I do say so myself.


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