Teagarden Tee


IMG_1610Flora Sports a Teagarden Tee

Moving has been a good thing – it’s meant discovering what I though of as moldy oldies, and turning them into something new and fresh.  The now out-of-print Sewing Workshop Teagarden Tee is a fine example of this.

teagarden2While hanging things in the closet, I found my original fitting muslin, and what do you know, it still fit!  Prince Charming’s comment of “Gee you look really good in that!” prompted me to dig out the pattern.  Hey, if it garners unsolicited compliments…

A little hunting through stash, and this soft jersey presented itself.  I think it’s either a rayon/poly or a cotton/poly.  I haven’t done a burn test.  It has a warmer hand than an ITY knit.

The pattern envelope looks a little dated, but really, it’s quite a nice top.  Simple sewing, but takes forever to mark all the match points to get the under arm gusset aligned.  I think this is a knock-off of an Issey Miyake design; it’s one of those very odd pattern shapes that makes you scratch your head and go “huh???”  There is no shoulder seam; the front and back are cut as one.

IMG_1614What I hadn’t expected, or even thought about was the fact that this knit is a stripe.   The back is on the bias.  This created a very nice diagonal feature, with all the stripes forming a chevron.

I am sure if I had tried to achieve this, it would never have happened.  So, thank you Serendipity!

Those who’ve followed the sewing adventures of this blog for a while may note that Flora’s gotten a tan.


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