Sea Foam


IMG_1650splashing up against the underside of a pier

That is what this little gem reminds me of.  This is a handmade glass cabochon from Andrea Weir of Weir Studios. Several of her cabs, acquired during last year’s visit to the Tucson Gem show, are waiting for inspiration. This one percolated to the top.

The purple bits are a pier, and the aqua blue is the sea  foaming up, blown by an invisible wind.  It called out for movement, without a lot of glitz.

Well, maybe a little glitz, those are crystals, after all, though the overall color is a nice, dark, rich purple.  This is also a brooch.  Unlike the cameos I’ve worked previously, it is quite deep, a little over 1/4 inch in thickness.  This required building up the surrounding bezel so the cab had a nice deep seat.  This also gave plenty of room to add some fringe at the bottom.

What do you think?  Can you see this anchoring the lapel of a business suit?   Turning up the brim of a cloche?  Snugging a shawl against winter’s cold?


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