Splish Splash



The backsplash and range hood are done too!  Actually, these have been done for a while, but were not photographed until recently.

So far, none of the cats has dared to walk on the range hood glass.  When we had the temporary hood, which was all metal, they took great delight in trotting all over it – a regular kitty expressway between the cabinet tops.

coffeeThe backsplash tile wraps all the way around the kitchen, making clean-up from both the stove, sink and coffee station quite easy.

Yes, that is a purple toaster tucked into the corner.  While the overall kitchen is blue, grey, black and white, the accoutrements are quite colorful.

There’s a yellow tea kettle, a red coffee maker and a bright green coffee grinder.  Kitchens should be bright and cheery!  They are the heart of a home, after all.


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  1. Marvelous colors. Of course, kitchens should have bright colors, joyful moods. I want a real back splash some day, too, but somehow I think I’ll be learning tile setting at the same time.

    • Actually, tile setting is quite easy. A little messy, but do-able for just about anyone. I set tile – floor, patio and backsplash in our old house. Ceramic, glass and slate. Practice on scrap wood, then go for it! You Can Do It.

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