Continental Drift


IMG_1732Prince Charming said the focal stone in this brooch looked like continents, so Continental Drift it is.  Can you make out Africa?  Maybe Asia?

I have no idea what the stone is, other that it is in fact an actual geologic, as opposed to a manufactured or pressed construction.  I just liked the colors.  A bright snappy green with a lovely earthy brown.  What’s not to like?

IMG_1734As with the other brooches I’ve been creating, this one has a peyote bezel.  Since the stone was so deep, I was able to add some extra embellishments – the green herringbone rays, as well as a row of crystals.  What’s that you say, crystals on the back?  Where no one can see them?  Why of course!  The back should be as lovely and finished as the front, don’t you think?


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