Carpe Diem


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Odd thing to say after so much silence, I know.  The author of a blog I read is having a difficult time, which has reminded me that we are all finite.  Each of us only has so much time here.  Time to Dance.  To Play.  To Enjoy Life.  To marvel at the world around us.

I have been much too caught up in the daily travail, and forgotten this. I’ve taken for granted the simple pleasures and instead held close to worry and anxiety, as though they were my only standard to bear.  Not Good.  Also not true.  Sometimes we need to see another handling their concerns with grace and dignity, to put our own in perspective.

Perspective adjustment is now under way.

All is well here in Sierraville.  There has been sewing.  There has been beading.  There has been work on the house – the painters were here today, doing a final touch-up.

I’ve found the camera.  Posts are forthcoming.


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