Sewing with Spooks


st-marys-bw-masthead-final1In early April the local ASG chapter held a sewing camp at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, NV.  My friend Earin Marybird and I signed up, both looking forward to four days of sewing nirvana.

A bit of back story: Virginia City Nevada had it’s heyday in the 1870s.  It was a mining boom town, built into the side of a mountain.  These days, it has retained rustic charm, full of curio shops and tourist attractions.  The infamous “Bucket of Blood” saloon comes to mind.

Anyway, our “camp” was held in what was formerly the local hospital, now turned into an Art Center after years of neglect.  As camping goes it is quite civilized – indoor plumbing, hot water, showers, comfy beds.  The interior is furnished with period pieces, some of which are original.  There are also ghosts.

That’s right!  Spooks.  Spirits.  Creatures of the Night.  One evening the Art Center Director gave us a guided tour, and introduced the non-corporeal inhabitants.  It was a blast!

There was Patricia (12) who came to play with Henry and John (10 & 11).  She had run of the downstairs.  Louisa managed the original kitchen, which had a huge antique stove.  Ron liked to hang out on the sofa under the stairs.  What is now the dining room was the surgery, with a doctor still in attendance.

As we progressed to the next floor, we met Caroline (a little person) and Larry, who liked to party.  There was Dan, who was formerly in the military and a dog.  I guess even dogs can have unfinished business with the real world.

Each “guest” had a room and floor they favored.  My room?  So far as I know, there were no visitors.  But then, after sewing for 10+ hours a day I was much too tired to care!

If you ever have the chance, do stop by and take the tour.  St. Mary’s is a grand old dowager with a rich history and no small bit of class.


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