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IMG_1781It’s getting warm enough to actually wear this top.  Yippee!  This is one of the garments I completed at Sewing Camp, back in April.  Why does that seem so long ago?

bypopulardemandThe pattern is one from Louise Cutting’s line, Cutting Line Designs, called “By Popular Demand”.  I’ve made the top several times before, and the jacket once too.  I really like the lines of the top.  It has what are called saddle sleeves, which is basically a raglan sleeve with a curved seam at the top.  This allows the sleeves to sit nicely over the shoulder.

A lot of the patterns in CLD lend themselves to quilting cottons, which is a nice feature if you happen to live in a garment-fabric starved part of the country.  Or, if you’re like me, you succumb to the colorful nature of the local quilting cottons.  This print just called my name.

In keeping with the baseball-ish nature of the top, I used snaps instead of buttons.  Those with a discerning eye can  make out french darts in body.  This helps tame some of the fullness, so there’s a hint of waist.  A couple years back I took a class from Louise, and asked her about these darts.  Her response: “Good Idea!”  I have kept them ever since.


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  1. I have that pattern and haven’t made it up in a blouse yet. Did you add french darts or fish eye darts?

    • Technically since they taper at both ends, I guess they would be fish-eye. They don’t take in much, maybe 3/4 inch; just enough to give a little more shape.

      • That’s what I was thinking too, thinking the French dart came from the side seam near the waist. Your top is really nice btw! 🙂

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