chair Now that the tradesmen are through with the interior of the house (for the most part), it’s my turn to get to work.  There’s nothing like bright sunlight and Spring Fever to get one in the mood to update things.  Having corners with cat-shredded edges doesn’t hurt either.

IMG_1788This is the guest chair in my office.  It was sadly the worse for wear after many years of use.  Use by me for sitting, use by the cats in sleeping and sharpening of claws.  My aging posterior also let me know that the foam was starting to degrade, providing less and less padding.

So, time to re-upholster!  New foam and fabric was acquired.  Four screws hold the pad to the frame, and those were easily removed.  After that, it was just fiddling with the fabric until I had the star bursts placed where I wanted them.

Flip everything over and have at it with a stapler.  Granted a heavy duty stapler.  Not even any sewing.  No muss.  No fuss.  The biggest issue was getting the new foam to hold still while I stretched the edges of the fabric.  The foam kept wanting to creep around the corners and leave lumpy bumpies.  I don’t like lumpy bumpies!  In the end, the cushioning was coerced into it’s proper place.


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