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IMG_1791You’re looking at this weekend’s project.  I have finally decided to tackle the curtains for the guest bedroom.  Company is expected over Memorial weekend, and well, I somehow doubt they would appreciate being stared at by the neighbors.  The neighbors probably woudn’t appreciate a bedroom peep show either.IMG_1792

So, the yellow fabric is the face of the curtains.  That bright purple is a flannel lining.  Once again the lining is made from a set of deconstructed sheets from the discount store.  Turns out it’s cheaper than yardage, believe it or not!

Rather than do all the careful measuring and planning to use grommets (much as I could use the release of whacking about with some big iron) these will have tab tops.  The next decision is: what color should the tabs be?  Right now, I am leaning towards the green and peach.

The ocher/yellow color just fades when put against the curtain body.  Fine, if invisible tabs are what is called for.   Not so in this case.  The guest bedroom is bright.  Lively.  Not conducive to sleeping in.


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  1. “Not conducive to sleeping in.” Now I spent a very restful night in there but I have to say when the morning came those walls were rather intensely yellow. : – ) It will be nice not to wonder if the neighbors approve of my pj’s though!

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