Cluck! Cluck!


IMG_1818I don’t know why it is, but I always want to call chickens Henrietta.  Maybe reading too many Henny Penny stories as a child?  Henrietta seems a tad formal for this gal.  She’s ready to strut!

After beading up quite a number of sedate, corporate appropriate brooches, it was time for Something Completely Different, as Monty Python was wont to say.  Something colorful.  This pin is made with neon seed beads in pink and orange, with some absolutely day-glow orange triangles thrown in.

The yellow drops around the edge are not stitched tightly; they wiggle and jiggle around a bit.  This was on purpose.  They remind me of feathers, ruffling.  All the better to do the barnyard boogie.


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